The Race to Healing

USA Today recently published an article on athletes’ battles with depression and anxiety. One athlete that found himself in the middle of a mental health battle was Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps. After being arrested for his second DUI, Michael Phelps reported he, “Didn’t want to be alive.” It was at that time, that his friends and family urged him to get professional help. After joining a support group, Phelps saw significant improvement in his depression and anxiety. Now he is eager to normalize mental health problems and encouraging others to seek out professional help as well.

Many Americans suffer from mental health problems, but athletes are at an increased risk for depression and anxiety. The pressure to preform can feel overwhelming for many. Some in the professional sports arena are beginning to recognize these struggles and encouraging other athletes to speak out about their illness and get help. Unfortunately, the stigmatization of mental health continues to keep many from doing so.

If you are an athlete struggling to keep up with the pressure of performance, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. At Therapeutic Partners, we are skilled in the treatment of anxiety and depression and may be able to assist on your path to wellness.
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