All About “Teacup Students”, Freshman College Years and Develop Adulting Skills

Surveys of first-year college students’ mental health report that many students feel overwhelmed most of the time, regardless of the school they attend. The Harris Poll revealed that emotional preparedness, defined as, “the ability to take care of oneself, adapt to new environments, control negative emotions or behavior and build positive relationships – is a major factor to students’ success … Read More

Mental Health and Supporting Your Teenager has recently posted an interesting read “Harvard Making Caring Common: How to Support Your Teen’s Mental Health” all about the teenage years and supporting the mental health of our children as they navigate an ever-changing path into adulthood.

How does social media affect middle-schoolers?

Teens using social media - therapy for teens in Raleigh, NC

In this article from UNC Families, read about how regularly using social media platforms like Facebook, Tiktok and Snapchat can have an impact on teenagers’ sensitivity to feedback. “The findings suggest that children who grow up checking social media more often are becoming hypersensitive to feedback from their peers,” said Eva Telzer, a professor in Carolina’s psychology and neuroscience department … Read More

Compassion with Boundaries by Therapeutic Partners therapist, Christine Martin Byers

By: Christine Martin Byers, M.Ed., LCMHC Therapeutic Partners Self-compassion, once mastered, can bring a sense of self-worth, self-empowerment, and peace with what is. Self-compassion, however, can sometimes lead to an endless amount of giving of oneself to the point of burnout. This is because when we embrace our shadows and learn to love the darkest corners of our souls, we … Read More

Fight off Seasonal Affective Disorder with these Hacks for Your Home

In a recent Washington Post article, Mariette Williams writes about ways to fight the cold and dark days of winter, with topics including “clean and organize”, “address your senses” and “optimize bedrooms”. Follow this link to read more about SAD and how to get through the winter season successfully!

Psychotherapy – Families Under Pressure | Helping Relieve Today’s Parents & Kids

Photo of mom with "Help" sign

Parenting in 2020 and 2021 is a lot different from any other time in recent history, and it’s proving to be a challenging time for all members of the family. Psychotherapy Networker has posted an article recently that discussed this new level of parenting pressure and how to cope together. To read the article, please view “Families Under Pressure.“