The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

During December, many find themselves swept up in the chaos of the holidays. Whether it is fighting the crowds to finalize your gift list, or hosting a party, it is easy to get distracted by an endless to-do list and miss December all together. For others, December can be a more difficult time as it serves of a reminder of missing loved ones or financial strain.

That’s why it is so important that we become more intentional about practicing gratitude not only during the month of December, but also as a daily practice throughout the year. Research has consistently shown that the practice of gratitude increases sense of happiness and decreases symptoms of depression. Additionally, gratitude improves overall physical health and helps people sleep better, among numerous other benefits.

So during this holiday season, would you consider turning your attention away from what is missing and towards what is there? Take some time to evaluate how you might incorporate a gratitude practice into your daily routine. You might journal a gratitude list, write a thank you note, create a sacred space to reflect, take a walk, or be extra intentional when showing appreciation to those you interact with during your everyday errands. Whatever your practice may be, you will surely notice benefits from gratitude.

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